5 Senses Thailand – Electronic Music Festival!

5 Senses Thailand - Electronic Music Festival, DJ Festival, Beach Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand, Live entertaintment


5 Senses Thailand – Electronic Music Festival!

5 Senses Thailand – Electronic Music Festival is set to run for 10 days!  This Koh Phangan music festival is set to run from 3 – 16 of February 2018!


The event organizers have done an awesome job of detailing the event including tickets, lodging, and transportation.  Rather than redo what was already done well, we have reprinted the details below.



From 5 Senses Thailand:


This Island children dance in the glistening sun, among the rain forest, as settled drops vibrate and the sound of the intense Jungle intertwines in harmony with the music. The soul is truly lost from all the realities of that life that has become but a faint memory.

The waterfalls pour and the mountains tower, with their thick green canopy contours effortlessly along the enchanted land scape. Our little secret, our heaven below the sky, the land that transforms us.

It plays with our senses, tricks our vision and leads us to believe this to be another plain. A place free of all man’s disciplines.

Be overwhelmed with all the emotions driven by this place. Feel, smell and see all that can be. Have your senses heightened and for the first time forget all that pins you to reality. 

Let us take you on a Journey, let us heal your soul with our sunset and our moon rise. Let us show you how to dance under the milky way and feel that all the happiness possible in this moment is within you.



Feel your adrenaline rise as you move towards the distant thump in the jungle darkness. Feel your pupils widen as you notice the sparkles of fire, the shimmer of light and the silhouettes that move so beautifully together.

We, the children of this magical place invite you to feel what we feel, see what we see and be in our existence for just a fraction. Come and open your mind and tickle your senses.

Come to 5 Senses. More than a concept, a reality… Where the best musical minds, locations, sound and team possible are being put together to create heaven under the sky, to create “5 SENSES THAILAND” Come and be a part of our story…





°ABenz Koh Phangan
°Adam Phangan 
°Alex Guo
°Andreas Henneberg
°AON Backyard
°Az Mo
°Boris Staal
°Britta Arnold 
°Britta Unders 
°Christ Burstein
°Dan Fraser 
°Dan Buri Official 
°Dave Breeze
°David Chong
°David Delgado 
°David Keno 
°De la swing
°Dennis Beutler 
°Dimo Kyrmanidis
°Dirrty Dishes 
°Doyle Shepherd 
°Duncan Mills 
°Dr Dru
°Erwin Linden 
°Fab Durand 
°Fake Shamans
°Fridolin Astronautovic
°Graham Gold
°Golly Gosh 
°Guy Fidelity 
°J Apollo
°Jacob Stille
°Jack Orange 
°Jaime Iredale 
°James Trystan
°Jo Pierano
°Joe Rickard
°Just Julien
°Kaiser Souzai
°Konrad Ritter
°Luna Summer
°Dj Korpus 
°Dj Krp Project
°Luna City Express 
°Marco Loco 
°Marion Cobretti
°Miguel Matoz
°Moksha Lane 
°Nina Catcher 
°Nina Hepburn 
°Patrick Kunkel
°Paul Ursin 
°Peter G. Phangan 
°Rob Gritton
°Roni Kush
°Rory Gallagher 
°Ryan Porter
°Sascha Sander 
°Sascha Cawa
°Salvo Salvatore 
°Sense of Sun
°Steffie Ditzel
°Steph Yeah
°Sulitskiy House Course 
°Sylvie Maziarz 
°Tee Wonderland 
°Tribal Sky 
°Van Siegertstein 
°Vincent Vino
°Vom Feisten 





The name Ko Pha Ngan derives from the word “ngan”, meaning “sand bar” in the southern dialect, for there are many sand bars offshore.

Koh Phangan has been a longtime favorite of past kings of Thailand. Rama V, or Chulalongkorn, for example, visited Ko Phangan 14 times during his reign.

Due to its topography, the population hugs the coastline. The mountainous interior is generally inaccessible. More than half the island designated as national park and Ko Pha Ngan has more than 80 km2 (31 sq mi) of relatively unspoiled rain forest with diverse flora and fauna. It is also considered a spiritual place, with numerous Buddhist temples around the island and a thriving spa, retreat, and meditation industry, Along side the underbelly of intimate magical parties. 





RECOMENDED RESORTS & HOTELS that will optimise your Festival Experience are: 







Please Quote Booking Code: 5SENSES03022018



With the best sound system in Asia powered by Funktion One, we will take you to the Islands best locations.

Magical Jungle, beach and waterfall stages all with world class 3D visuals and effects. Partnered with our massive line up and in event entertainment (dancers, magicians) will take you to the next level of festival action.

This will be a masterclass in every sense of the word, with professionals from all over the globe joining together to make this a powerful musical, visual, spiritual and emotional experience. 

For those with VIP ALL ACCESS, you can expect to party with the Artists, in VIP Only Villa Take Over Events, and back stage access, with fast access to your favourite drinks, food and that extra perfect dancing space within reach of your favourite acts. 

Make no mistake… This is the next level. Prepare to be blown away. 



1. TONG SALA PIER is accessible from Koh Samui or Surat Thani, on the main land via boat. You can fly to either Koh Samui Island or Surat Thani Airports via Bangkok (BKK) or a number on International Airports, such as Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. 

2. HAAD RIN PIER is accesible from Koh Samui only, by boat. The Haad Rin Queen Ferry is a 15 minite taxi ride from Koh Samui Airport. The boats are running throughout the day and the journey takes one hour.

3. TAXI CARS & MOTOR BIKE TAXIS are easily accessible and can transport you to most places around the island. Some areas are only accessible via TAXI BOAT. 

All the above are scenic and beautiful mini adventures. 





Around the Island we have some of the worlds most beautiful and secluded beaches, costal drives and Jungle treks. Its a place to really explore, see, feel and to find yourself again.

Here is a small list of some of our favorite spots.

Secret beach is a family run, beautiful private beach, complete with a restaurant, bar and Deep House music playing all day long. The menu is defiantelty for those looking to indulge after a good night out, and the cocktails are to die for. 

A little bit further than most of the beaches, but all will become apparent when you arrive. One of the Islands best beaches, with a large choice of restaurants, bars and activities. 

The best italian food on the Island, with all day long Deep House music, its one of the best places to relax, eat, drink, dance and see the sun go down. The atmosphere is unbeatable. 

Unbeatable Breakfast Menu, with a beautiful clean interior and outside garden. The food is simply amazing. 

A watering hole for the Island locals, this place will do nothing but impress. It hosts different DJs each night and has one of the most fun bars to be in on the Island. The drinks are cheap and tasty and the atmosphere is pre party meets laughter. 

If food and beer is what you are looking food, then look no more. The Masons Arms delivers the best quality Roast Dinners, Stews and high quality pub food. We recomend the Lamb Shank. It feels like stepping into a teleportation machine when you walk inside. You feel as if you are in Europe.

One of the Islands best sun set view points, and in our opinion, one of the best in the world. The names gives away the detail of what you can do here. The food is fit for those in need of a good munch and the music is either reggae of deep house. 





1. RESPECT the people around you and their personal space on the dance floor and the NATURE of course! If you have the feeling that someone is violating your space, or someone else`s, please do not hesitate to alert our staff.

2. ENJOY the moment! We believe, that everybody has the right to party in private. So please be aware of others privacy when using cameras. 

3. 5 Senses is an equal festival. Any form of Racism, Sexism and Homophobia will not be tolerated!

4. BE social, pleasant, respectful and treat everybody like you want to be treated. Share the love. 

5. DRESS TO DANCE in whatever you want. No Full Moon Atire. The more experimental the better. 

6. HYDRATE at all times. Its the tropics, you will sweat.

7. Our multi-Lingual proffesional security team is there for your safety. The only way to enter an event is with a ticket. Those caught enterng without with be dealt with by Thai Law. Please respect our efforts and support us by buying a ticket. 

Limited Tickets Available @ Skiddle.com

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