Magic Mountain Chiang Rai 2019!

Magic Mountain Music Festival Chiang Rai 2019 , Trance, DJ, 2019, Psytrance

Magic Mountain Chiang Rai 2019!

A music festival with Psychedelic DJ Music? Magic Mountain Chiang Rai 2019! A full list of international Psychedelic DJ’s will converge in Northern Thailand in the province of Chiang Rai.  Start the new year off right at Magic Mountain on 18-20 January 2019.



This will be our main post of this event. We will update as details are announced.   There are some key details yet to be announced at the time of this posting so check back often!


Magic Mountain Music Festival Chiang Rai 2019 Psychedelic trance


To ensure we do not confuse any details much of this post will be taken directly from the event organizer.




Ticket Information

Presale Ticket Phase 1 limit 50 tickets only for 1,600THB
Presale Ticket Phase 2 limit 100 tickets only for 1,800THB
Ticket at the gate 2,000THB
One day ticket pass 700 THB per day
ราคาตั๋ว ปาร์ตี้ 
Presale ราคา
Phase 1 จำกัด50ใบ เท่านั่นราคา 1600 บาท
Phase 2 จำกัด100ใบเท่านั้นราคา ,1800 บาท
ราคา จ่ายหน้างานเข้า2,000

for the local ,buying ticket and pick up contact
(+66) 0926396562 Nu ,
(+66) 0815837566 Nun

Update 8 January 2019:

Ticket at the gate 2,300THB
One day ticket pass 700 THB per day



Event Location and Accommodation:

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Venu/ Address – TBA

Accommodation -Bring your own tent or hammock,you can buy tent from Tesco Lotus,Big C or any shopping malls,price from 399THB up to 1000+THB. If you don’t want to camp, Chiang Rai town has lots of guest houses and hotels to suit every budget. There are many website to booking the accommodation,The Party venue is far from the city Clock tower about 15 mins ,เหมืองคำรีสอร์ท (Mueng Come Resort) is the party venue.



DJ List:

Magic Mountain Music Festival Chiang Rai 2019, DJ list, Psytrance

-Boom Shankar (Bmss/S.U.N /Germany)
-Tsunamix (Freak Rec- Switzerland )
-Suddha (Purple Hexagon / UK)
-Tommy Rocker (Full Moon Party Tommy Resort/Thailand)
-Pzychobiz (Magic Mountain / Thailand)
-PsyAtmah(Magic Mountain/Thailand)
-Patt (Tommy full moon /Thailand)
-John Lee (Lost in Paradise / Purple Hexagon / Thailand)
-Goa Gummy (Psyhead Community/Thailand)
-Blades Hypnotize (Psyhead Community/Thailand)
-Psycodomo (Moon Mountain /Thailand)
-Toshi (Japan)
-HotzenPlotz (Kinematic Records/ Germany)
-Mantis (Vive Noctem/Switzerland)
-SsongG (Playground/Bansabai /South Korea)
-Koi (Magic Phangan/Playground/Thailand)
-PsyTronic (Another Reality / OMॐ-Productions/Germany) 
-Liquidsound (Headroom Productions/Austria)
-Atoned Splendor (GoaProduction/China)
-Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zon/Thailand)
-Evo (Goa Production/SVK)
-Fugui (Yuanqi/China)
-DK (GoaProductions/China)
-Satori Snooks (Goa Productions/Germany)
-Sebidelica (Mutagen Records/Belgium) 
-Originz (Outtrance/France)
-Askari (vision of paradise/dacru records/propmeti records/Belgium)
-Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records/Germany)
-Pieman (Tribe of Frog/Bomshankar)
Fohat (BMSS/DE)

Originz (Outtrance / France)
Fugui (Yuanqi / China)
DK (GoaProductions / China)
Sebidelica (Mutagen Records / Belgium)
HotzenPlotz (Kinematic Records / Germany)
Viandoks (GoaProductions/FR)


Food & Drinks

We offer a fully-stocked bar and kitchen where you can enjoy authentic local Thai food and proper drinks. Vegetarian food will also be available for all veggie lovers! you can support the bar and help us keeping making parties in the process.



There will be a Songtaew ,a local pick up between The old clock tower in the Centre of Chiang Rai town directly to the party venue เหมืองคำรีสอร์ท (Mueng Come Resort). It’s 50THB each way.

Phone: +66 (0)815837566 (Jannipa)


Check this post and our Facebook page for updates!



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