Maya Music Festival 2018 in Bangkok

Maya Music Festival Bangkok 2018

Maya Music Festival 2018 in Bangkok

Have you heard the news? Maya Music Festival has just announced its 2018 location as Show DC Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand.  This caught most by surprise including us at TDJF.  The announcement came in the form of a Facebook post stating that Maya will be held in Bangkok.



Maya Music Festival Bangkok 2018-Location change post



This announcement seems odd to us.  Up to this time, the location had been announced at “Maya Space” which has always been known as the outdoor Pattaya location.

Maya Music Festival 2017, Map, Pattaya, Tickets

Maya Music Festival made their 2018 event date announcement very early and also sold tickets early stating that this years event would be held at “Maya Space”




In their announcement there is no apology for a location change, but only noting that it was an “official announcement”.  Did Maya know all along that the location would be in Bangkok and did it not think promoting the event as taking place in “Maya Space” would be misleading. Your guess is as good as ours. 


Maya Music Festival Bangkok 2018-Location change post

As you might have guessed, there are many people that are not happy about the event location being Bangkok.  You can see many unhappy comments on Maya’s Facebook page




We have to wonder how many people would not have bought Maya tickets had they known it was going to take place in Bangkok.  Some people probably could not be bothered to trek to Bangkok from Pattaya for 2 days.  Others might have waited and bought tickets for 808 Festival Bangkok 2018 which is expected to be that same weekend with ASOT and Armin van Buuren, but not officially announced. That last point makes you wonder about this whole situation…


Anyway, if you no longer want to go to Maya 2018, we are not yet aware if you can get refunds for your tickets.  At the time of this post there does not seem to be any official announcements on ticket refunds.  Hopefully the Maya Music Festival organizers can clear all this up and make people happy.



UPDATE: Refund Information


Good job by Maya Music Festival for offering to refund tickets after the location was announced as Bangkok.  Most people likely purchased their tickets anticipating it was in Pattaya as in past years at “Maya Space”.

Maya Music Festival Bangkok 2018- Refund Information

For additional help or information regarding ticket refunds, you can contact them directly on the Maya Music Festival Facebook Page.


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