Output Festival Bangkok 2019 is Coming!

Output Festival Bangkok 2019, dj, music festival, Thailand

Output Festival Bangkok 2019 is Coming!

Exactly as the headline states, Output Festival Bangkok 2019 is coming!  Not many confirmed details have been released at the time of this post other than this electronic music festival will be in Bangkok in September 2019.




We don’t know when tickets will go on sale, but it is expected soon considering the event month. At least that gives Thailand ravers a “heads up” to put aside baht for this DJ Festival.

Output Festival djs, announcment, Thailand, Bangkok, Music Festival, Output Festival Bangkok 2019

We also do not know which DJ’s will be performing at the 2019 edition of Output festival.  All we have to go on are the awesome DJ line-ups from years past.  In case you are not familiar with past Output Festivals, below are some of the info graphics from past years!



Past Years Output Festival Info Graphics

Stay up to date with the latest announcement on the Thailand DJ Festivals Facebook Page!



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