S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020 Tickets!

S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020 - Ticket Banner, dj, festival

S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020 Tickets!

Back for another year of Songkran celebrations! S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020! This DJ festival will occur on the usual Bangkok Songkran dates of 11-13 April 2020. S2O Thailand always has big name international DJ’s ready to make it a Songkran to remember!



Tickets for this years event sales start on Saturday 25 January 2020 at 12 Noon Thailand time! Sales will start this day and continue onward. Tickets will be sold in tiers. The earliest/first tiers of tickets will be the lowest priced. After each tier is sold out the next higher priced tier sales will start. Tickets can be purchased for 1 day or all 3 days. This is an ages 20+ event. Tickets will be sold through Eventpop. Info-graphics further down for pricing information.

S2O 2020 Tickets @ Eventpop

As always, make sure you purchase your tickets through an authorized seller to avoid any issues!



S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020 - 1 Day Tickets
S2O Songkran Music Festival Bangkok 2020 - 3 Day Tickets



S2O is an awesome event, but still a difficult decision to make. In addition to S2O Festival, there are some other great events happening around Thailand during Songkran holidays. One that may be equally as large as S2O is Siam Songkran Music Festival.

At the time of this post neither of these DJ Festivals has revealed its line-up. We can look at last years line-ups to try and gauge what this years will bring.



Last Years Events (2019)





As noted, these are LAST YEARS event line-ups. This years have yet to be released at the time of this post. We will be sure to post any artist announcements on Thailand DJ Festivals Facebook Page.

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