Save the Dates! Trance Week Thailand 2023!

Trance Week Thailand 2023, Trance in Thailand, TLT, DJ, Live music, Bangkok, Pattaya

Save the Dates! Trance Week Thailand 2023!

Trance Festivals are back in Thailand! After a few years of tough times around the world, karma is back in favor of the trance family! Two Thailand Trance events are coming together to create a full week schedule of trance music!



To start the week, Unkonscious Beach Festival will hold pre-events before the main 2 day trance festival at Alexa Beach Club Pattaya.

Next up will be the highly anticipated Subculture trance event in Bangkok by Trance Lovers Thailand and others

For those that don’t know, Bangkok and Pattaya City are around a 1.5-2 hour taxi ride apart depending on traffic.



Trance Week Thailand, Trance events, Music festival, DJ Festival
Unkonscious Festival 2023, Trance Festival, event, Pattaya City


Tickets for these events are being sold online by Ticketmelon. These events are sure to be very popular and sell quickly. Be sure to review ticket and event terms and conditions before you purchase!

Ticket links below:

Unkonscious Beach Festival 2023 @Ticketmelon

Subculture Thailand 2023 @Ticketmelon



More Information

For immediate up-to-date information please see the Facebook page links for TLT and Unkonscious Music Festival below.