Songkranzonic Bangkok 2018 Tickets!

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Songkranzonic Bangkok 2018 Tickets!

Time to make party plans for the Thailand New Year!  Songkranzonic Bangkok 2018 Tickets on sale 1 March 2018!


Many awesome DJ Festivals are popping up in Thailand and this is one of them!  A first year DJ Festival put on by people with much music festival experience in Thailand! 




Songkranzonic’s first year DJ Festival will take place on 13-15 April 2018 over the Songkran Holiday in Bangkok, Thailand.  The location is Oasis Arena at Show DC which has hosted many epic events over the past few years!


As stated before, ticket sales start on 1 March 2018 @11AM (Thailand Time).  The first tickets available will be Early Bird Ticket and VIP Tickets.  A word of advice in case you don’t already know; Early Bird tickets are priced the lowest and therefore tend to sell out fast.  If you plan to purchase early bird tickets be ready once they go on sale on 1 March 2018 at 11am.



Songkranzonic Bangkok 2018 - Early Bird Ticket Prices, DJ, Club,

As printed in the above Songkranzonic Ticket infographic, tickets are available in the form of a 1 day pass or a 3 day pass which is nice because not all festivals offer single day tickets.


Also, as noted in the above photo, tickets can be purchased at:





It is still early on in Songkranzonic revealing details about DJs, but we expect to know much more soon. 

At the time of this post the below DJ’s have been revealed:

Excision Songkranzonic Bangkok 2018 - Excision, DJ, Party MoksiSongkranzonic Bangkok 2018- Moksi

More to be added and will post updates on




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