Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019!

Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019- Amazone Waterpark Thailand, Dj Festival, Electronic Music, Songkrna, DJ

Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019!

Celebrate Songkran in style in Pattaya!  Pattaya is roughly 1.5 hours down the road from Bangkok and known to some as “fun town” because every night is a Saturday night! Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019!

(This will be the main Songkranzonic post.  Check back for updates!)

This Thailand DJ Festival is well timed in that you don’t have to choose between some of the other electronic music festivals with awesome line-ups happening in Bangkok the weekend before; S2O Festival and Siam Songkran Festival.  Songkranzonic 2019 happens at the tail end of Pattaya’s week long Songkran celebrations on the 19-20 April 2019. This event will be held at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark.


Songkranzonic Tickets come in at THB 1,300 for a two day pass for early bird tickets.  Early bird tickets are traditionally the lowest priced tickets for an event and they tend to sell out fast!

Tickets can be purchased on the eventpop website:

Songkranzonic Tickets on Eventpop

– Only  18+ can entry the event.
– For bought some drink in the event, the attendees should be at least 20 years old.
– Ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
– Non-refundable / Non-returnable
– Name on E-Ticket must match name on your ID Card or Passport (Foreigner). 
If the name does not match must authorized signatory.


DJ List

Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019- Nicky Romero

Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019- Thomas Newson

Songkranzonic Pattaya 2019- Brooks

Additional Information

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