Unkonscious 2023 Boat Party in Pattaya Thailand!

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Unkonscious 2023 Boat Party in Pattaya Thailand!

Thailand Trance Week 2023 is shaping up nicely! A full week of world class trance events! Start the week off strong while you still have legs ( 🙂 ) with the Trance Boat Party with Roger Shah B2B Sunlounger!

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Official Event Details:

Unkonscious 2023 Boat party 7th February 2023



Everyone aboard the UNK Boat Party with Roger Shah a few years ago, talked about how magical the moment was. Countless stories were told about the music and sensational vibe! This year we are inviting him back for a B2B Sunlounger event and we are welcoming more people to join in. For the first time ever, we are bringing the party to a floating cafe in the middle of the ocean so you can watch the beautiful sunset against Pattaya’s scenic landscape. Don’t miss out like last time because we promise it will be worth it. Would you board our Magic Island? Tickets available now.



Roger Shah B2B SunLounger Open 2 Close

Location: Bali Hai Pier
Free 1 welcome drink
Free transfer from Pier to the floating Cafe, you can come and go anytime
Food & Beverage available on board

Tickets limited to 300 tickets only.
Early bird 1800 + BF
GA: 2300 + BF

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