Unkonscious Festival Thailand 2019 DJ Announcements!

Unkonscious Phuket 2019, Trance, Music Festival

Unkonscious Festival Thailand 2019 DJ Announcements!

The Unkonscious Festival people are very much on top of the situation of bringing the biggest trance music festival on the beach to Thailand! The world trance family have been given advance notice of this awesome event taking place 8-9 February 2019 in Phuket, Thailand!  Paradise Beach Phuket will be the home base! Although the event is still some time away, we will give updates in this post regarding the Unkonscious Festival Thailand 2019 DJ announcements!



ThailandDJFestivals.com will be posting Unkonscious Trance Music Festival DJ announcements here as they occur. Please check back for updates!




Before we get to the list of esteemed, industry leading trance DJ’s, let’s talk about tickets! Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at Ticketmelon.

Unkonscious Festival 2019 Tickets




Unkonscious 2019 DJ List

Giuseppe Ottaviani


Craig Connelly


Unkonscious Phuket 2019- SneijderSneijder



Roger Shah


Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Cold Blue, trance DJCold Blue




Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Simon Patterson, Trance DJ, Music FestivalSimon Patterson


 Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Greg Downey, Trance DJGreg Downey


Unkonscious Phuket 2019- John Askew, Trance Festival, Party, Beach PartyJohn Askew



Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Sean Tyas Sean Tyas



Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Asteroid MusicAsteroid Music


Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Mix Toe


Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Brian TK

Unkonscious Phuket 2019- Henry MoeHenry Moe


Unkonscious Festival Phuket 2019- Dennis Shepperd, Dj, Trance, Beach, Thailand, Festival

Dennis Sheperd


DJ Set Schedule

 Unkonscious Phuket 2019- DJ Set Schedule, trance festival, Thailand, dj, event



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